Oct 01, 2020

In the past month, I have travelled through a number of airports and on a number of flights. And what a month it would have been should I have been in the market for some sensitive information.

At a cafe by my gate at Melbourne International Airport, I was sitting at a table by a lady who was engaged in a loud phone conversation. While I initially found this annoying, I’m sure her boss would have found it more so as she was divulging to everyone in the area her (well known) company’s plan for significant downsizing.

At a business lounge at Auckland International Airport, I was sat behind a gentleman who was working on a number of devices. From my position at a table behind him, I was easily able to read about his law firms upcoming civil case, including the personal details of those involved.

On a flight from Sydney Domestic Airport, I sat next to a gentleman who was texting a colleague the exact location of an upcoming emergency board meeting.

In a hire car from Melbourne Airport, the friendly and talkative driver was more than happy to fill me in on the drunken antics of a High-Profile identity he had recently driven around Melbourne.

I am an observant person by nature, personally and professionally, but this small snapshot highlights the need for everyone to be aware of their surroundings when working in public places. All the cyber defences in the world are made redundant if information is made pubic so readily.


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