Oct 01, 2020

Empire Protection is Proudly a Registered Australian Veteran Owned Business. Company Partner and Chief Operating Officer Ryan Tindall proudly served our country for 13 years in the Australian Army Special Operations Command, 2nd Commando Regiment (Special Forces) and at the Defence School of Special Operations. Ryan undertook many operational tours and was actively involved when his unit was awarded Battle Honours for Outstanding Performance during the Battle of Shah Wali Kot, Afghanistan in 2010.

Whilst registering to be a Veteran Owned Business was a no brainer for Empire Protection, Ryan explains why it’s so important to him and the Veteran Community.

I’m a Veteran Advocate. I try to assist Veterans transition from military life to private industry wherever I can, through our business and through my volunteer work at Surf Lifesaving in Sydney for example. I recognise the value that Veterans can bring to the private sector, and I want to promote that wherever I can for all Veterans out there.

One of the main benefits the Veteran Owned Business Community can bring is networking and career opportunities. It’s critical to remember that whilst most people spend their 20’s in the private industry workforce, building networks and promoting their employability among potential employers, Veterans didn’t get this opportunity. They spent their time serving their country and their networks remain internal to the service. Once they leave, they are behind the ball in terms of finding employment.

And what needs to be heavily promoted to the private sector is their employability. Whilst their post-transition position will be a Veterans second career, the skills and experience they have gained whilst serving provides them with attributes that see them excel in so many arenas. We must remember that core training and experience makes Veterans great communicators. They have strong dicipline and a sound moral compass. They are well trained in management, problem solving, logistics, communications and many other areas meaning their transitional skill base is extremely high. And they’ve had to deliver all these skills under extreme pressure. Defence teaches leadership at all levels. Whist in private industry it can take years for an employee to be given real decision making power and responsibility, the Defence Force empowers junior staff to take on leadership and gain those valuable skills at all levels.

Having a sense of purpose and having financial stability are two of the most critical factors in, and key pillars to, supporting strong mental health. Veterans are seen regularly volunteering across our nations Fire Brigades, State Emergency Services and Life Saving Clubs. This is a great way to continue to serve your community after leaving the Defence Force. But finding stable employment continues to be one of the hardest and most important aspects of transitioning healthily.

So when you utilise a Veteran Owned Business, you are support a Veteran who has taken their skills to the market with their own operations. Its also very likely that they have continued to employ Veterans in their new venture. Utilising a Veteran Owned Business supports Veterans directly and means you are, as a client, getting years of experience and training from those who have dedicated their lives to their employment.

The Australian Veteran Owned Business website www.avob.org.au provides a comprehensive list of Registered Veteran Owned Business’. Much the same as we should choose to buy Australian Owned wherever we can, next time you’re looking for a product or service, check out the listings to see if you can support one of these great companies. 

In the insignia attached, Empire Protection is recognised firstly by the Defence Force Certification Trademark, and then by the Special Operations Certification Trademark.

The defence Force Certification Trademark consists of a downward-facing sword that is surrounded by a laurel wreath with the text, “Australian Veteran Owned Business” adorning the lower curvature of the design. The sword that is depicted in this logo draws inspiration from the sword found on the Australian Defence Force Ensign which is the flag that represents the three services of the Australia Defence Force. The downward-facing direction of the sword can be viewed as being symbolic of the ‘rest’ position, and the wreath has traditionally been the symbol of strength and victory. *

The Special Operations Certification Trademark consists of a downward-facing Fairbain-Skyes fighting knife, surrounded by a laurel wreath with the text, “Australian Veteran Owned Business” adorning the lower curvature of the design. The Fairbairn-Skyes fighting knife is a double-edged knife resembling a dagger that was made famous during World War II when it was issued to British Commandos, the Airborne Forces, the SAS and many other units. The Fairbairn-Skyes knife is strongly associated with the Special Forces and clandestine units situated all over the world, and the wreath has traditionally been the symbol of strength and victory. **

(*, ** reference www.avob.org.au)



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